Fans are glad Sony never went through with original ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ ending

The Amazing Spider-Man

One of the weekend’s major Twitter crazes has seen fans rank every Spider-Man movie in order of best to worst, and it’s been generating plenty of hot takes. For the most part, Sam Raimi’s first sequel and Sony’s Into the Spider-Verse seem to be coming out on top more often than not, but there’s little love for The Amazing Spider-Man duology.

It would be fair to say that Andrew Garfield was a great fit for the title role, but he ended up getting lost in the shuffle when Sony decided to place an increased focus on world-building at the expense of the web-slinger. Remember when all the marketing to the first chapter promised us ‘The Untold Story’? And then we got Peter being bitten by a radioactive spider and Uncle Ben getting killed.

The alternate ending for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was wild and crazy sh*t, and it would have been a jarring conclusion following the emotional death of Gwen Stacy. Campbell Scott’s Richard Parker was set to show up alive and well, paying off his multiple flashbacks, but a viral tweet has fans thankful that it never happened.

Secret agents Richard and Mary Parker dropped into The Amazing Spider-Man melting pot would have made things even more convoluted, and while it’s a shame Garfield didn’t get the movies he deserved, he might be back on our screens next month to make up for it.