DC Fans Come To Justice League Star Ray Fisher’s Defense In His Battle With WB

Image via DC Films

Ever since Justice League finally wrapped a torturous shoot that saw Joss Whedon step in to replace Zack Snyder following a family tragedy and then reshape the entire movie under the watchful eye of Warner Bros.’ executives, Ray Fisher’s entire filmography has consisted of eight episodes of True Detective, which is hardly a stellar return for an up-and-coming actor with a major role in a blockbuster comic book franchise.

At one stage, Cyborg was poised to become a huge part of the DCEU, and was even set to headline his own solo adventure, but after the Justice League debacle, it appeared that the 32 year-old might never get the chance to play Victor Stone again. However, thanks to the Snyder Cut and The Flash finally sprinting out of development hell, Fisher looks to be back in a big way.

It hasn’t exactly been plain sailing, though, and after the actor had repeatedly and very publicly called out Joss Whedon for behavior on set that he deemed “gross and abusive,” Warner Bros. ended up launching an investigation into the claims that all was not right behind the scenes on Justice League. Having concluded their look into the matter, the studio then officially denied what Fisher was saying, and even threw out some accusations of their own after stating that he had refused to cooperate with their investigator.

The battle between the two parties appears to be far from over, and with the mud-slinging reaching new heights, the internet has solidly backed the actor. In fact, #IStandWithRayFisher was trending worldwide yesterday, and you can check out some of the reactions below.

Just when you thought the Justice League story was over with the Snyder Cut on the way, the tales of behind the scenes discontent now look set to add a new layer onto what has to be one of the most beleaguered productions in history.