The Internet Thinks The Boys Star Would Be A Better Wonder Woman Than Gal Gadot


Amazon’s smash hit The Boys is one of the most popular shows to be found on any streaming service, and the pitch black deconstruction of the superhero genre has developed such a loyal and dedicated following that they ended up review bombing season 2 because they didn’t get all eight episodes at once.

Indeed, the show has become a massive success and despite being more than familiar with suiting up in skintight spandex, several of the cast members have already been linked with sticking around the comic book genre for a while longer. Homelander actor Antony Starr admitted that he’d love to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Wolverine, and almost instantly fan art was created imagining how he would look in the role.

Co-star Aya Cash also revealed that she’d love to swap the Seven for the X-Men and named Rogue, Beast and Jean Grey as her three preferred candidates. Dominique McElligott, meanwhile, hasn’t publicly come out and said she wants another superhero gig, but her character Queen Maeve is quite clearly based on DC’s Wonder Woman.

In fact, BossLogic recently posted some fan art imagining how the actress would look if she replaced Gal Gadot as the DCEU’s Amazonian warrior princess, and a lot of people instantly voiced their support and claimed that she’d be a much better choice for the role.

Fans can be an awfully fickle bunch sometimes, and despite the general consensus being that Gal Gadot was an impeccable pick for the DCEU’s Wonder Woman, one piece of fan art later and everyone’s calling for her head. In any case, at this rate, McElligott could be back filming The Boys season 3 as Maeve before Gadot’s Wonder Woman 1984 even gets released, given the continued uncertainty surrounding the state of the theatrical industry.