Fans Can’t Get Enough Of This Lego Millennium Falcon Made With Spare Parts

It’s amazing what Lego fans can build when they put their minds to it. Some brilliant builders have created everything from replica Call of Duty maps to an extremely detailed diorama of the Battle of Wakanda. But right now, one Star Wars fan has taken tons of spare Lego bricks they had laying around and created the Millennium Falcon in truly spectacular fashion from scratch.

Reddit user PrimemevalTitan posted pictures of his Millennium Falcon made “out of spare parts” to /r/Lego where it’s been massively upvoted by those impressed by the build. While there are official lego sets that allow fans to build this famous spaceship, doing it like this really created something special.

Loads of people chimed in to show just how impressed they were with the unique build.

We don’t know about you, but now building our own Millennium Falcon just like this is a new Star Wars dream.