These Legendary Call Of Duty Maps Made Out Of Legos Are Jaw-Dropping

It’s incredible just how creative people can get with Legos. We’ve seen Iron Man’s Hall of Armor looking absolutely impeccable in amazing detail and an incredibly detailed recreation of the Battle of Wakanda recently that were both impressive. Now it looks like gamers can see one of the most famous gaming franchises of all time done up in Lego form.

Diamond Lobby showed off amazing builds of eight different Call of Duty maps lovingly created with help from 3D designer Evghenii Loctev in Bricklink Studio 2.0. Each of the builds is possible to make in real life with the number of pieces ranging from 1,811 bricks to a whopping 18,043.

Fans who want more details on these fan-created Lego sets can find it in Diamond Lobby’s article about the builds. Would you like to make one of these amazing Call of Duty builds, or would you just stick to the official MegaBlocks products for the franchise? Tell us in the comments!