Fans Are Already Comparing The Batman Trailer To Twilight

The Batman

Based on the numerous interviews he’s given on the subject since the franchise drew to a close in 2012, you get the impression that Robert Pattinson isn’t the biggest fan of The Twilight Saga. While he’s grateful for the platform the sparkly vampire series gave his career and the increased levels of visibility in the industry that came with it, he’s spent the best part of the last decade trying to distance himself as far as possible from Edward Cullen.

The approach has worked out pretty well for him so far, with Pattinson establishing himself as one of the most versatile and acclaimed young actors in the industry after tackling a variety of challenging roles across almost every imaginable genre, which eventually led him right back into the world of big budget studio blockbusters when he signed on to play the title character in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Of course, there was backlash from certain sections of the internet to his casting based entirely on his association with Twilight, but the 34 year-old admitted it was nothing less than he expected. Besides, the first trailer for the Dark Knight’s latest reboot silenced plenty of doubters after showcasing Pattinson in action as both Bruce Wayne and his costumed alter-ego, but that still hasn’t stopped fans from making connections to what used to be the most famous role of his career, no matter how much of a reach they might be.

Even though he’s landed one of the most coveted and iconic roles in cinema, it appears as though Robert Pattinson will never truly be able to escape the looming shadow of Twilight, especially when a new book has just been released. That being said, he’ll no doubt be glad when The Batman hits theaters next year so that an entirely new generation of fans will know him first and foremost as the Caped Crusader.