The Internet Is Freaking Out Over The Batman Trailer

The Batman

Most fans knew that director Matt Reeves would have something pretty huge in store when it came to his appearance at the virtual DC FanDome event, especially when he’d dropped the first official logo for The Batman just a few days earlier. The production is still waiting on the all-clear to dive headfirst back into shooting having been shut down for months as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, so not a lot of fans were expecting a full-blown trailer for the movie, especially when cameras had only been rolling for a couple of weeks before Warner Bros. hit the pause button.

If this is what the filmmaker has managed to cobble together with what was already in the can, though, then The Batman is shaping up to be something pretty special. While those that were never convinced that Robert Pattinson was the right actor to play either Bruce Wayne or his costumed alter-ego will no doubt make their voices heard, the reception so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

Fans rushed to social media almost as soon as the trailer landed online to make their feelings known about the first official footage from The Batman, and you can check out some of the reactions below.

Every Batman movie comes burdened with an insane level of hype, which is par for the course when you’re dealing with one of the most iconic figures in popular culture that’s already played a major role in nine films so far, with plenty more to come. There’s still fourteen months to go until The Batman hits theaters, but if this is what Reeves and the gang have cooked up already, then we could be looking at an all-time great version of the Caped Crusader.