Fans Debate Authenticity Of New Spider-Man: No Way Home Leaks

As you’ll no doubt be aware, the internet lost its collective mind yesterday when the latest batch of rumored leaks from Spider-Man: No Way Home landed online, potentially giving away some major reveals and confirming things that most people were expecting anyway.

Even a couple of years ago, it would be impossible to view such images as anything other than 100% legit, but we live in the age of expert-level Photoshop and deepfakes, where anyone with enough technological wizardry can create anything they want and have it look like nothing less than the real deal.

With that in mind, social media was gripped in fervent debate as the authenticity of the latest No Way Home spoilers were called into question, with opinions landing firmly on either side of the fence.

Let’s not forget that we’ve seen plenty of Spider-Man: No Way Home content touted as the real deal debunked already, so things like this should always be viewed through a skeptical lens. Then again, the sheer volume of details seeping out ahead of time only increases the possibility that Sony really needs to tighten up its security. Either way, Kevin Feige isn’t going to be a happy man right about now, and the memes are already flowing.