Fans demand Henry Cavill’s return after more faceless Superman in ‘Black Adam’ rumors surface

henry cavill superman
Image via Warner Bros.

Henry Cavill is still Warner Bros’ DCEU Superman, despite it being almost half a decade since he last strapped on the cape. Cavill didn’t shoot any additional scenes for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and though his Superman has appeared in Shazam! and Peacemaker, we didn’t see his face.

Now it seems Warner Bros. feels this tactic works, as reports from those that have seen test screenings of Black Adam say we get yet another appearance from Superman without ever seeing Cavill’s face. This may just be a scurrilous internet rumor, but with Cavill fairly busy with The Witcher and no confirmation of him appearing on the Black Adam set, it sounds plausible.

Fans of Cavill’s Superman aren’t happy, saying that Warner Bros. should do the character justice:

Some have some pretty funny points of comparison:

Others now want Black Adam to fail:

One fan wonders whether we’ll just be seeing Superman’s butt and nothing else:

It’s fairly obvious that Warner Bros. is trying to maintain Superman in a holding pattern without making any firm decisions about the future of the character. J.J. Abrams’ Superman project is getting nowhere fast, a Man of Steel 2 is likely too caught up in SnyderVerse continuity for the studio’s taste, and, beyond all that, Cavill is on board for at least four more seasons of The Witcher.

Even so, they really should just pay Cavill to make some actual cameo appearances, even if these have to be shot remotely and green-screened into the final product.

Black Adam hits theaters on Oct. 21, 2022.