Fans name the one thing they don’t think they’ll ever see in ‘Star Wars’

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Credit: LucasFilm

As the saga keeps on expanding in fresh ways, the remit of what constitutes a Star Wars story is continually evolving. Like the anime-influenced anthology series Star Wars Visions, for example. But, even so, there are still certain things that will surely never be at home in the galaxy far, far away.

As for exactly what things these are, that’s what fans have been debating over on the r/StarWars subreddit, after user InfinityScientist asked fans to “Name something you think will never appear in Star Wars.” They explained, “It can be a trope, a type of technology, a phrase, a type of planet, etc.”

The most upvoted suggestion was an unsurprising one: nudity. Star Wars isn’t Game of Thrones and fans think it’s unlikely that Lucasfilm would ever sanction sex or nudity in the franchise, nor is this something that most would actually want. Like the commenter said, the saga is a “kids’ fairytale.”

Although droid nudity is a whole other kettle of fish.

Others suggested the Earth itself would be an unlikely addition to Star Wars, even though our world does actually exist in the canon.

We’re sad to say the greatest Star Wars character we’ve never seen isn’t going to make it into the movies.

Some fans got a little satirical with their responses.

The burns keep coming.

A Star Wars/Trek crossover is also pretty implausible, for shame.

Too late!

For different people, cars is where they draw the line.

Looking at the array of replies to the OP’s question, it seems the majority of fans are against Star Wars introducing more realistic or grounded concepts, so that’s a no on adult-oriented content or elements from real-world culture. Just because fans don’t want this doesn’t mean Lucasfilm feels the same way, however. Who knows, we could end up getting an R-rated Glup Shitto movie set on Earth one day. You heard it here first.