Fans Observe How Thanos’ Hair Grows Throughout Avengers: Infinity War


Until Marvel Studios deign to release a first trailer or at least reveal the official title for Avengers 4, fans will just have to find other subjects to unpack and scrutinize in the MCU, even if that means analyzing the hair on Thanos’ head in Avengers: Infinity War.

Amidst the Mad Titan’s various clashes with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on his way to eradicating half of all life from the universe, it seems that the purple conqueror may not have found the time to shave, with this new Reddit post observing how the villain looks to have developed a little stubble over the course of the movie.

While some Redditors have argued that it’s only a bit of dust that’s settled on Thanos’ head, the thread’s original poster argues that the marks are present for too many scenes for this to be the case. Either way, while this is hardly the most consequential detail of the recent Marvel mega-hit, it’s nice to know that Thor and Steve Rogers might not be the only characters to get some hair-related arcs. Plus, if Thanos’ hair grows organically, then that suggests his smooth scalp could be a stylistic choice, rather than a simple case of male pattern baldness. Who’d’ve thought?

At this rate, the tyrant might even have a tremendous mane developed by the time Avengers 4 comes out, especially if the rumors of a time-jump are true. Of course, it’s more likely that he’ll choose to stick with his classic shaven look from Avengers: Infinity War, which is fine by us too. Say what you will about Thanos’ actions, but don’t ever try to tell him that bald isn’t beautiful.

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