The Internet Reacts To Captain America’s New Avengers 4 Look


Steve Rogers may have taken a ribbing from Thor for his new beard in Avengers: Infinity War, but now it’s his lack of facial hair for Avengers 4 that’s got Twitter up in arms.

On Friday, actor Chris Evans tweeted a selfie of himself and his dog, captioning the image: “Senior year. #A4.” After witnessing this well-meaning social media post, many fans were a little taken aback by how much of the star’s face was now visible, and weren’t shy about expressing their disappointment.

Fortunately, there were still some fans who thought that Cap wears his old look well.

It turns out that Cap didn’t just steal Thor’s beard, but also his idea of a dramatic character arc for his facial hair.

Steve’s lack of a beard probably won’t be the only throwback we’ll be getting to Captain America’s previous looks in next year’s release, either, with leaked Avengers 4 concept art suggesting that the character will also be donning a brighter costume that harkens back to the hero’s glory days.

But while the First Avenger’s appearance may be reminiscent of his past, co-director Joe Russo assures us that the upcoming movie will see the character delving into new territory in the wake of Infinity War’s climactic genocide.

“It’s hardened all of them in a way. You can’t go on the run without it affecting you emotionally, so I think all of those characters — specifically the ones who survived Infinity War, Cap and Natasha — you will see them with a much much harder edge.”

Perhaps this explains why Black Widow will also be undergoing a change in style for next year’s film, though you could also pin that on the time jump expected to occur. In any case, you’ll be able to see both her and Cap in action when Avengers 4 comes out on May 3rd, 2019.