Fans Are Starting To Rebel Against Marvel For No Avenger 4 Trailer


As frustration mounts over the lack of a release date for the first Avengers 4 trailer, some fans have been lashing out against the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel in a puzzling and likely misguided bid to twist the arm of Marvel Studios.

For those unaware of this online content provider, Marvel Entertainment is a channel that’s concerned with all things Marvel, from the comics to the TV shows, and it’s here that a surprising number of MCU enthusiasts have chosen to take a stand, calling for the down-voting of every new video that isn’t an Avengers 4 teaser. And honestly, while it’s one thing to be disappointed that we still haven’t seen any footage from the Avengers: Infinity War sequel, it’s hard to interpret this campaign as anything other than a textbook case of fan entitlement.

But as silly as this online outburst is, you can probably take it as a sign that Disney is doing something right when the fans are passionate enough to turn against Marvel just for making them want the trailer too much. If this is how intense things have got already, imagine how the internet will react when the teaser is actually unveiled.

As for when the preview might arrive, the current hearsay is that we’ll be seeing some footage come Monday, and that the trailer release date might even be revealed today. As the aforementioned rebellion reflects, we’ve certainly had our share of letdowns in the past on the back of such forecasts, but with the Avengers 4 Prelude comic due for release this coming Wednesday, there’s reason to believe that the rumor mill might even have it right this time. But until we get some proper confirmation of when the teaser will be coming, parts of the Marvel fandom may want to calm down just a smidgen.