Fans Wonder Why There Are Two Barry Allens In The Flash Trailer

the flash

DC’s FanDome was full of awesome trailers for upcoming superhero projects. The highlight was the incredible new The Batman trailer, but a first look at The Flash was a close second. The solo outing for the Scarlet Speedster is set to take the DCEU multiversal and will star both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Keaton’s involvement was heavily teased in the trailer, but what’s particularly got tongues wagging is that we’re apparently due at least two Barry Allens. In one key scene we not only see Sasha Calle’s debut as Supergirl, but another Allen who seems to be wearing a ‘Flash-ized’ Batsuit.

There being multiple incarnations of Barry Allen across the multiverse makes sense, though fans are trying to puzzle out what role he’ll play in the story. The leading theory is that the new Allen is native to the Burtonverse, with the main evidence that his costume is crafted out of the Batman Returns suit.

Given the way the Speed Force works, it’s possible that the Burtonverse Allen doesn’t have superpowers until the DCEU one arrives. Once the pair make contact, their identical bodies would allow the energy to be transferred between them, which could be why they need to quickly make a superhero suit out of what’s to hand.

It may also be a hint that previous rumors of the villain being an alternative version of Allen himself were true. After all, the DCEU universe’s Barry learned some hard lessons about justice and heroism due to his father’s imprisonment, but any other Allens would have led a very different life.

Let’s hope we find out more when further information drops about the movie.

The Flash will hit theaters on November 4th, 2022.