Fast And Furious 7 Begins Filming This Summer, 2014 Release Likely

Vin Diesel is known for connecting with his fans quite frequently via his Facebook page and today, he has made another big announcement through the social media outlet. The actor revealed that the seventh instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise, currently titled Fast and Furious 7, will begin shooting this summer in Los Angeles.

Earlier this year, reports surfaced that told us Fast and Furious 6 would end with the gang returning home to Los Angeles, which now seems pretty much confirmed after Diesel’s post, which you can read below:

“Random candid…

There was an early screening in LA this week of Fast 6. The crowd reaction was surreal… and their demand for the continuation was powerful…

It’s remarkable to think I first embodied this character in 1999… and the evolution continues.

P.s. Filming begins this summer in LA, where it all started… talk about a studio in sync with the audience…


This piece of news also means the Fast and Furious 7 should be released in the summer of 2014, a very bold move seeing as usually, Universal releases the films every other year, at least. That being said, if Vin Diesel is to be believed, we’re going to be in for quite a treat with Fast and Furious 6, judging by his comment about the crowd reaction.

What we’ve seen so far of the film does look very exciting, and we all know how entertaining Fast Five was, so at this point in time, there’s no reason to be anything but optimistic about the series and its future.

As always, we will keep you posted on more news about the project as it arises. For now though, tell us, are you excited about Fast and Furious 7? Will you be seeing Fast and Furious 6 when it hits theatres this May? Let us know in the comments section below!