Fast & Furious Star Says Fans Should Campaign For Gal Gadot’s Return

Gal Gadot Fast & Furious

The #JusticeForHan movement has finally been vindicated, with Sung Kang making his return to the Fast & Furious franchise in the ninth installment, and his comeback was handled in surprisingly strong fashion for a series that brought Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty back from the dead with the old amnesia subplot.

It turns out that Han never really died at all and everything was an elaborate plan concocted by Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody, who had previously worked with Gal Gadot’s Gisele. Deciding that if she could trust Han then he could as well, the scheme to fake his demise was put into motion, with Han tasked to protect Anna Sawai’s Elle from being captured or killed.

Gadot returns for flashbacks using footage from previous movies, but it would come dangerously close to jumping the shark if Gisele was also suddenly revealed to have survived her own certain doom. That hasn’t stopped rumors from claiming it’ll happen, though, even if the Wonder Woman star admitted that all of the talk was news to her.

However, having witnessed the power of the fanbase first hand, Sung Kang encouraged Fast & Furious supporters to launch an online campaign to see if they could convince the powers that be to have Gisele return for one of the final two films in the saga.

“Well, hey, anything is possible. If you guys start a hashtag #BringBackGisele, it’s very possible.”

Scheduling is obviously going to be an issue even if Gisele was written into one of the concluding Fast & Furious scripts, with Gadot boasting a packed schedule that sees Wonder Woman 3, espionage thriller Heart of Stone, sci-fi romance Meet Me in Another Life, historical drama Irina Sendler, Apple TV+’s Hedy Lamarr miniseries and a Cleopatra epic with Patty Jenkins all potentially on the docket.