Felicity Jones Basically Confirms She’s Playing Felicia Hardy In The Amazing Spider-Man 2


As character details start to leak out for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a clearer picture of where the story is likely headed has begun to form. A recent leak that adds a major villain to the story (if true) is the news about Colm Feore playing Adrian Toomes. Today, a sly interviewer may have confirmed another villain when talking to Felicity Jones.

Well perhaps sly isn’t the best word to describe the interviewer, she just came out and asked the question, but she may have successfully gotten confirmation of sorts from Jones, which is something many have wanted. I’ve included the video of the interview below, but basically the interviewer asks if Jones is excited for everyone to finally see her as Black Cat. That catches Jones off guard for a minute, and she struggles to find something to say before opting for a lot of non-committal words, then finally saying that if that happens it would be wonderful.

So no, technically Jones didn’t say that she’s very excited for when her character becomes the Black Cat, but with how uncomfortable she looked, it’s clear she’d been asked about something she’s not at liberty to discuss. The fact that she made it sound like there’s even a possibility of her character becoming Black Cat means it’s almost certain she is indeed playing Felicia Hardy.

This isn’t anything groundbreaking, the majority of guesses when she was added to the cast were that she is playing Hardy, but it’s still nice to sort of have some confirmation. Considering Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy and Shailene Woodley’s Mary Jane are already confirmed to be in the film, adding another potential love interest for Peter Parker could make things very complicated indeed. It’s more likely that any real interest in Hardy/Black Cat wouldn’t occur until either the third or fourth film, after Gwen has met her demise, but you never know how complicated Mark Webb’s going to want to make things.

Check out the video from the interview below. Do you think Jones is giving away anything about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 here?