The Best Films Of 2012: 21 Runner-Ups (#30-#11)

Last Wednesday, I published my list of the Top 10 Films of 2012. As I said at the time, this has been a truly exemplary year for cinema, one rich with great movies in all corners of the cinematic landscape. Whittling down the best films of 2012 into a mere 10 slots was no easy task, and I had to leave many, many great movies off as a result.

Today, I aim to rectify that by expanding my Top 10 picks out to 30 (or 31, given that I cheated and included a tie), counting down the best runners-up from the number 30 slot all the way down to number 11. Even with so many more films represented here, there were still plenty of tough omissions, good and great films like Argo, Holy Motors, The Hunger Games, Arbitrage, Celeste and Jesse Forever, and even animated fare like Frankenweenie and Rise of the Guardians. If this countdown continued forever, those and other excellent films would be represented, but the festivities had to end somewhere, and I am more than happy with these 30 films representing my favorite cinematic memories of 2012.

The countdown begins on the next page, and clicking on the title of each movie will take you to my original review of the film, except in cases where the review has not yet been published. Several links will take you away from We Got This Covered to my personal blog, where my work was published before I joined the staff of this website.

So without further ado, let us discuss (more of) the Best Films of 2012. Enjoy…

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  1. I heard all kinds of crap about This is 40 and Les Miz. Just saying.

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