Final Trailer And Poster For Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival Loom Online


Why are they here? That’s the question asked by the final trailer and poster for Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival, the imminent sci-fi drama that acts as the perfect primer before the filmmaker sets sights on Blade Runner 2049.

It won’t release until late 2017, though, so for now Villeneuve’s focus remains firmly trained on the imminent Arrival. As the director has teased in the past, this isn’t your typical alien invasion movie; instead of sweeping action sequences of military officials taking the fight to the extra-terrestrials, Villeneuve’s character drama is shaping up to be a much more intimate affair, following Amy Adams as expert linguist Dr. Louise Banks.

Drafted in to help decipher the alien language and ultimately provide an answer to the aforementioned question, here we discover that Adams is very much the last person fighting to keep the peace between human and other, as she races against the clock to communicate with the ETs before the governments of the world wage a war they can’t possibly hope to win.

Also starring Jeremy Renner, Rogue One star Forest Whitaker, Michael Stuhlbarg, Tzi Ma and Mark O’Brien, if nothing else, the cinematography on display here is a sight to behold, and it’s small wonder why Arrival‘s DP Bradford Young has been tapped for Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Han Solo anthology movie. Look for that one to enter production early next year.

Like the monolithic structures glimpsed in the trailer above, Arrival touches down in theaters on November 11. Blade Runner 2049, meanwhile, will whisk moviegoers onto the neon-drenched streets of future Los Angeles on October 5, 2017.