First Extraction 2 Plot Details Tease A Prison Break


Netflix’s Extraction landed at the perfect time last year to become the platform’s most-watched original movie ever. By April 24th, almost the entire planet was under some form of Coronavirus restrictions, and an R-rated actioner with a big star in the lead provided the ideal opportunity for escapism at a time when more subscribers than ever were turning to the content library to help them pass the time as the world became gripped by uncertainty.

Not only is the sequel set to start shooting later this year, but producers Joe and Anthony Russo have already admitted that an entire Extraction cinematic universe is in the works, with various sequels and spinoffs set to focus on new characters in different conflicts, offering multiple points of view in telling their respective stories.

Production on Extraction 2 is set to kick off in the fall with director Sam Hargrave and star Chris Hemsworth poised to return, and a new rumor is offering up the first purported plot points. As per the report, Tyler Rake is going to infiltrate a prison facility to rescue the wife and son of a Georgian gangster, before scurrying them to Australia for safety.

Of course, the bad guys end up tracking them down and the action spills onto the streets of Sydney, where many disposable goons will no doubt meet a grisly end. Given that there’s a distance of almost 12,000 kilometers between Australia and the country bordering Eastern Europe and Western Asia, the villains will be racking up an awful lot of air miles in an effort to seek their revenge. While these details are by no means confirmed, it would fit the Extraction remit of telling a formulaic and archetypal story, while letting the jaw-dropping action sequences do most of the talking.