First Look At Bong Joon-Ho’s Okja Reveals Tilda Swinton And Giancarlo Esposito


Perhaps one of the most intriguing features in development right now is Okja, Bong Joon-Ho’s monster movie that blends elements of science fiction with full-blown horror.

Being aligned for release at some point next year, Joon-ho’s latest creative venture is in active production across the world as the South Korean filmmaker goes about capturing his “bold, global adventure.” He’s assembled an all-star cast to do so, too, and today’s first look image sheds light on Tilda Swinton and Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito.

Attached to play the part of Nancy Mirando and Frank Dawson, respectively, this image is taken on the streets of the Big Apple, and it’s a safe bet that Swinton and Esposito will play pawns of a devious, multi-national company. You see, channeling the larger-than-life spirit of The Host – also a Joon-ho joint – the filmmaker’s latest work chronicles the extraordinary story of a young girl named Mija and her bond with the massive animal, Okja.

Played here by Seohyun An, Mija is then faced with fending off those government agents on the hunt for the elusive beast. If that’s not exciting enough, Joon-ho will exercise creative control over his new feature, subsequently steering clear of the post-production woes that Snowpiercer was left facing at The Weinstein Company.

Back then, the studio set about nipping and tucking Snowpiercer – Joon-ho’s icy apocalyptic thriller that was essentially masquerading as an astute allegory of the haves and the have nots – but when it comes to Okja, the acclaimed movie maker is aiming to capture “the beauty that can exist between man and animal, and also the horror between them.” Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, Lily Collins, Devon Bostick, Byun Heebong and Shirley Henderson are among the ensemble.

Okja is currently lensing across Canada, New York and Joon-ho’s native home of South Korea ahead of a release in 2017. Netflix will handle distribution across the globe.