Is This Our First Look At Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo?


Ever since Ron Howard took over from original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Star Wars fans – or anyone who follows Howard on Twitter – have received a steady stream of behind-the-scenes sneak peaks at Solo: A Star Wars Storythe upcoming Han Solo prequel movie. However, the director has been careful not to reveal anything about Alden Ehrenreich’s new take on the iconic role, originally played by the legendary Harrison Ford.

And while we’re still waiting for something official from the studio, we might just have our first look at the new Solo, thanks to an unlikely source. One moviegoer attending Harkins Theater in Arizona has shared images of “a movie loyalty cup” they’ve received from the cinema chain. Amongst other characters from upcoming films, such as Lara Croft, Marvel’s Gamora and Deadpool 2‘s Domino, Han Solo and Chewie are also featured. Plus, the Millennium Falcon can be seen in the background.

Alden Ehrenreich’s look in these images will no doubt please fans as it’s about as classic Han as you can get, complete with his dark pilot’s jacket and light shirt. Some weren’t pleased when it was first announced that the Hail, Caesar! star would be taking on this coveted role, as they couldn’t see him passing for Harrison Ford. Decked out in Solo’s togs, though, it’s hard to deny he looks the part.

Now, obviously this is an artist’s impression of the character, so it’s possible that this was cooked up by the chain rather than passed along by Lucasfilm. In fact, some people have pointed out that Ehrenreich’s face looks like it’s borrowed from the Solo cast photo released a while back. However, the usually reliable Making Star Wars is giving it their stamp of approval, so we’ll trust their judgement for now.

As for when we’ll get a 100%, definitely legitimate first look at the new Han Solo, we don’t know. It’s likely, though, that promotion on Solo: A Star Wars Story will heat up once The Last Jedi is out the way, ahead of its release in cinemas on May 25.