First Passengers Teaser Sends Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence On An Interstellar Voyage


Meet Jim Preston and Aurora Dunn, two crew members on board the Starship Avalon on an interstellar journey toward Homestead II that is estimated to take around 120 years. Thanks to the power of cryogenic sleep, they, along with the other 5,000 odd Passengers on board, are able to catch a lot of shut-eye en route to their destination – that is, until the Starship drastically malfunctions forcing the pair out of their stasis a full 90 years ahead of schedule.

That, in a nutshell, is Passengers, the high-profile science fiction movie hailing from Sony Pictures and director Morten Tyldum. Pegged to descend from orbit and into theaters on December 21, we now have word of when the first trailer will land (spoilers: it’s tomorrow) along with a fleeting teaser to ramp up excitement.

At only nine seconds in length, don’t go in expecting any firm plot details; instead, it’s a shotgun blast of sci-fi spectacle with Chris Pratt (Jim Preston) and Jennifer Lawrence (Aurora Dunn) anchoring the action as the desperate, lovestruck pair. Keep your peepers peeled for the full trailer tomorrow:

A close-up of Pratt and Lawrence’s two characters, followed by a shot of what we assume to be their doomed Starship Avalon and a colossal star are the main points of attraction here. It’s certainly pretty, boasting all the qualities of slick, top-tier sci-fi, though we’ll reserve any judgement until the full trailer checks in tomorrow.

Passengers will lift off on December 21 when Tyldum’s tentpole will give Assassin’s Creed a run of its money. Aurora Perrineau, Michael Sheen and Laurence Fishburne round out the casting sheet.


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