First Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Said To Arrive Next Week


What a time to be alive! At least, if you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or even movies in general.

After a particularly dry spell for Marvel news, the House of Ideas is about to strike it big this week by releasing trailers for both Captain Marvel and Avengers 4. It’s a double whammy big enough to send the fandom into a meltdown, but it seems as if there’s still more to come.

Industry tipster Daniel RPK has hopped on social media today to tell us that Spider-Man: Far From Home is also gearing up to drop its first trailer and according to him, it’ll be here by the end of next week. No exact date was provided, but to get a new trailer for all three of Marvel’s 2019 releases within the span of two weeks is a dream come true for fans and with any luck, everything will play out as expected.

As for what this Far From Home trailer may show us? Well, that remains to be seen, but with all the leaks surrounding Mysterio and his costume, you can bet Marvel will take this opportunity to finally reveal our first official look at him. And hopefully, he’ll be donning his iconic fishbowl helmet.

That aside, perhaps we’ll get some firm plot details, too. We already know Spidey will be swinging around Europe for his next adventure, but there’s still much we haven’t had confirmed. For instance, can we count on seeing all these other villains who’ve been rumored, like Hydro-Man? And what role will Nick Fury and Maria Hill play in the story?

These are the questions we crave answers to, but if Daniel RPK’s right, and that first Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer debuts next week, then we should get some more clarity on everything in no time at all. Stay tuned for more.