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First video of ‘Batgirl’ in costume emerges from shoot

Leaks continue from the Batgirl set and now have the first video of the character in full costume about to perform a stunt.


HBO Max’s Batgirl is proving to be an enticing prospect for fans of Gotham City. In the Heights‘ Leslie Grace will be stepping into the cape and cowl as Barbara Gordon, with Commissioner Gordon played by J.K. Simmons. The shoot is currently underway in Glasgow, Scotland, and images of street art and posters have leaked online, including Michael Keaton’s Batman, a masked version of RobinHugo Strange, and what may be a veiled reference to Nightwing.

But over the last few days, we’ve finally gotten a good look at the main attraction. Last week we got a great shot of Leslie Jones in costume, and now we have the first video of the character. Check it out:

While it’s not the most dynamic video I’ve ever seen, it does what it says on the tin. This looks to me like a set-up for some kind of stunt, though there doesn’t seem to be footage of Leslie (or her stunt double) leaping off the platform.

As someone who visited Glasgow in January, I don’t envy the cast and crew working on these night shoots. The temperature at night would be somewhere around freezing, so it’s no surprise there are also shots of Leslie warmly wrapped in a blanket between shots, as a real-life Batsuit isn’t going to do much about the cold.

Batgirl doesn’t have an official release date, though it’ll be out sometime this year. The shoot seems to be going well, so I’m hoping for a plot synopsis soon, hopefully followed by a teaser trailer confirming when we can expect it (likely around Christmas).

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