The Flash Producer Says The Movie Won’t Be Cancelled

The Flash

The Flash movie is not cancelled. Or so says Barbara Muschietti, who’s both a producer on the film and the sister of director Andy Muschietti. While interacting with a fan on Instagram, she was asked about the status of the project, to which she confirmed that they are indeed still working on The Flash.

Whether or not the movie was still in the process of being made was brought up due to a recent incident involving its star, Ezra Miller. As you’ve surely heard by now, the actor was caught on video choking and throwing a female fan to the ground. It occurred at a bar in Iceland and ever since the video was released, there’s been a strong call from many to axe Miller from the franchise altogether.

As of now, charges have not been filed against him and neither he nor Warner Bros. have commented on the matter. But according to Muschietti at least, she and her brother are still very much in the process of making the film. Which should come as good news to fans.

After all, it’s been a long journey to bring Barry Allen’s story to the big screen. Multiple directors and writers have been attached to the property before Muschietti came onboard and there’ve been numerous false starts throughout the years.

For now, though, The Flash is still a go, with a July 1st, 2022 release date pegged in. Whether or not Miller will remain in the titular role remains to be seen. There’ve been whispers that he might be recast, but as of now, nothing’s been officially confirmed just yet. And though Muschietti promises that it’s still happening, at this point, we’ll believe it when we see it.