The Flash Producer Wants A Wonder Woman Team-Up

The Flash

Despite never having starred in a solo movie before, and Ezra Miller not exactly enjoying huge amounts of screentime even after first being cast as the character in October 2014, The Flash is one of the most highly anticipated comic book blockbusters on the horizon. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that most of the buzz has been generated by the Dark Knight, though, rather than the Scarlet Speedster.

Not only is Michael Keaton returning to play Bruce Wayne in what looks to be just the first of many DCEU appearances, which might finally give fans the long-awaited Batman Beyond adaptation that they’ve been hoping for, but Ben Affleck is also ending his self-imposed exile as the franchise’s Caped Crusader. That’s enough to pique the interest of any self-respecting comic book aficionado, even those that haven’t found themselves particularly enamored with Warner Bros. and DC’s output over the last seven years.

As well as introducing the multiverse, though, The Flash is obviously being designed with franchise potential in mind, too, and in a recent interview, producer Barbara Muschietti revealed who she wants to see Barry Allen team up with in the future.

“Yes, we want more Flash movies and I would love to see a two-hander, that’s a movie with two stars, of two main characters between The Flash and Wonder Woman. I think they’d be the perfect odd couple, best friends, and I think they could solve a lot of problems in the world with little or no violence which is always a plus in my book.”

Gal Gadot has already been rumored to make a cameo appearance in The Flash, and could even sign on the dotted line while she waits patiently for her solo sequel to eventually make its way to theaters. In any case, having spent so long stuck in development hell that a lot of people thought the movie might never even happen, current director Andy Muschietti looks to have struck gold with the cast so far, and if the The Flash can maximize the potential of the concept and live up to rising expectations, it stands a real chance of being one of the DCEU’s finest efforts yet.