A Surprising Adam Sandler Film’s Been Dominating Netflix All Week

Adam Sandler

I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, a forgotten movie starring Adam Sandler, has been in the Netflix top 10 films list for almost an entire week at this point, currently sitting in the #8 spot on the chart.

Originally released in 2007, the pic stars Sandler alongside Kevin James and Jessica Biel. Directed by Dennis Dugan and written by Barry Fanaro and Alexander Payne, it tells the story of two Brooklyn men who pretend to be a gay couple in an effort to receive domestic partner benefits.

Although the subject matter may be a little bit tasteless by today’s political standards, the film still offers a somewhat decent performance from Sandler, who’s starred in numerous comedies throughout his career that follow a very similar formula as this one does. Most of those efforts, however, were not well-received.

From The Ridiculous 6 to Jack & Jill and even Grown Ups 2, many of Sandler’s films have become known as some of the most cringe-worthy in the genre. Seemingly tired of being ridiculed for his work, he went on to star in last year’s Uncut Gems. And his surprisingly serious and sophisticated performance not only earned him the respect of the filmmaking community, but according to some, it was better than even Joaquin Phoenix’s act in Joker. 

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry-Adam Sander

Written by Ronald Bronstein and directed by Benny and Josh Safdie, Uncut Gems stars Sandler as a Jewish jeweller working in New York City’s diamond district whose gambling addiction gets in the way of him paying off debts to an aggressive loan shark.

From his accent to his mannerisms, the comedian is completely unrecognizable, and his performance and its context within the actor’s troubling public image helped propel Uncut Gems to universal acclaim. And, like I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, the crime drama can be viewed on Netflix. In fact, Sandler’s collaborations with the streamer have been quite plentiful lately.

A few years ago, for instance, the actor starred alongside Jennifer Aniston in the Netflix Original Murder Mystery. Though not nearly as well-received as Uncut Gems, it seems the public has also taken a liking to that particular film, given that it brought in big, big viewing numbers for the platform.

Tell us, though, have you been checking out any Adam Sandler movies on Netflix lately? If so, let us know which ones below.