A Forgotten Jamie Foxx Movie Is Blowing Up On Netflix

Jamie Foxx

Getting ahead in Hollywood helps if you’re good at a lot of things, and Jamie Foxx is one of the industry’s most prominent jack of all trades, adding more and more strings to his bow over the last three decades.

He’s got a background in sketch comedy after getting his start on In Living Color 30 years ago, while The Jamie Foxx Show and Netflix’s recent Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! proved his talent for the sitcom, not to mention his three stand-up specials and two tours. He’s also released five studio albums, four of which debuted in the Top 10 of the Billboard charts, resulting in one Grammy from nine nominations.

Then there’s his acting career that’s seen him land an Academy Award for Best Actor and find success in the drama, action, comedy and thriller genres. He’s a talented guy, of that there’s no doubt, and one of Foxx’s more overlooked titles has found new life on Netflix for a second time, having previously troubled the most-watched list a few months back.

The Kingdom

Peter Berg’s The Kingdom is a functional and fitfully entertaining action thriller, one that sees Jamie Foxx lead Chris Cooper, Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman behind enemy lines to infiltrate and destroy a Saudi Arabian terrorist cell, but the elite team faces a race against the clock and enemies hot on their tail as they rush to complete their mission.

The $70 million film disappointed at the box office after earning just $87 million in theaters while receiving mixed reviews, but history has shown on an almost weekly basis that Netflix subscribers love to kick back and enjoy a star-studded genre film regardless of what the critics have to say.