Former Superman Actor Supports Michael B. Jordan As The Next Man Of Steel


Nearly all the signs are pointing to Henry Cavill being done as Superman on the big screen, just as Ben Affleck is out as Batman, which means Warner Bros. will be looking for a new Man of Steel. And the surprise frontrunner for the part who’s risen up over the last few months is Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan.

As always happens when a non-Caucasian actor’s linked to a traditionally white comic book character, the casting rumor has ruffled a few feathers – but one former Superman fully endorses the idea. Recently, CBR posted an article asking whether the hero should be a person of color, to which Lois & Clark star Dean Cain responded on Twitter to remind them that he’s of partial Japanese descent.

The tweet ended up trending and Cain was asked on Fox and Friends to further discuss his thoughts on the issue. The actor, who played Clark Kent for five seasons of the classic show, made it clear that he’s very open to the idea of anyone of any ethnic background portraying the Last Son of Krypton.

“So they said the idea behind the article was to talk about, you know, could Superman be a person of color. And of course Superman could be a person of color. Superman is more of an ideal than it is a person, you know, a race or a color. Superman is about the, you know, truth, justice, and the American way, and I believe that.”

As for Jordan specifically, Cain went on to say that he’s a big fan and believes the star “has all the qualities and characteristics” to portray Superman “wonderfully well.”

It’s great to hear another Man of Steel supporting the idea of Jordan donning the red cape, especially when a lot of so-called fans are getting in a state over the notion. However, it’s worth pointing out that Jordan’s addressed the rumors himself and has said that he’d rather play the Calvin Ellis version of Superman instead, an African-American Kryptonian from another universe (Earth-23, to be exact).

In any case, WB aren’t exactly in a rush to cast a new Superman, as they’re said to be putting ol’ Big Blue on the back burner for now and focusing on introducing his cousin Supergirl into the DCEU instead. But what are your thoughts on Jordan being the next Supes? Would you like to see it happen? Have your say in the comments section down below.