Fortnite Movie Reportedly Being Considered by Epic Games

Fortnite, a popular online video game, might just be coming to your screens in a fascinating way. Millions of players across the globe play the game, and there’s no doubt that a film would draw in a very excited and intrigued audience.

Fortnite and Epic Games have been in the news recently for everything from the influence of Among Us on its Imposter Mode to their ongoing dispute with Apple and the incredible additions to the item shop for the Fortnitemares Halloween special. From Rick Grimes to Frankenstein, you can play your heart out with your favorite Halloween icons. Epic Games has a lot going on, and they’re not planning on slowing down soon.

The Information has shared that Epig Cames has brought on talent such as Jason McGatlin, the former VP of physical production at Lucasfilm. McGatlin now serves as the president of Special Projects at Epic Games. Lynn Bart and Chris Furia, formerly of Lucasfilm, are also currently with Epic Games.

No specific news was shared concerning what the movie would focus on or what Fortnite characters would be part of the project. Still, the possibilities are endless, with the interactive game constantly changing, introducing new characters, and providing immersive storylines.

Would you be interested in a Fortnite movie? Do you enjoy playing the video game? Let’s talk about it.