Four Blistering TV Spots For Jason Bourne Champion “The Best Bourne Yet”

Make no mistake, San Diego Comic-Con is the current hub of all movie news coming out of Hollywood – a trend that will no doubt continue throughout the course of the weekend. But long before any of those marquee features descend into theaters, Universal is primed to welcome back Jason Bourne in little under a week’s time.

It could jump-start a new series of movies to feature Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass, with Universal adamant that both actor and director will want to remain in the Bourne sub-genre “until they can’t do them anymore.” A bullish statement, of course, but considering that one of today’s all-new TV spots champion the sequel-cum-reboot as the “best Bourne yet,” it leads us believe that at the very least, Damon and Greengrass will get together for a direct sequel in the coming years.


Speaking about the studio’s plan to future-proof its action icon, chairwoman Donna Langley revealed: “Even though Matt and Paul had been very definitive about not wanting to come back, we weren’t really willing to submit to that…Look, here’s what I think the goal is: to keep Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass doing Bourne movies till they can’t do them anymore.”

Flanked by a cast of A-listers that features Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Vincent Cassel, Julia Stiles and Riz Ahmed, Matt Damon returns as the title super-spy when Jason Bourne makes a break for theaters on July 29.