Fox Elects Karyn Kusama To Helm Horror Movie Breed


Karyn Kusama is a filmmaker that has enjoyed a prolific run across the indie scene, dabbling in a handful of different genres including science fiction (Æon Flux) and horror comedy (Jennifer’s Body) before earning close to unanimous praise for her work on The Invitation.

Fast forward to 2016 and Kusama is circling back to the horror genre once more for Breed, a disturbing new flick in the works at 20th Century Fox. The Wrap has the scoop, confirming that the director is poised to reunite with writers/producers Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi following their collaboration on The Invitation. But whereas before the creative trio orchestrated terror high up in the Hollywood Hills, Breed will have them plot course for eastern Europe for a story that is about as unsettling as they come.

Centering on New York couple Alex and Leslie Twisden, Kusama’s feature imagines a scenario in which the highly successful pair travel to a shoddy Slovenia clinic in a last-ditch attempt to conceive a child. They get more than what they bargained for, though, with The Wrap teasing that it’s only ten years after the artificial childbirth that the terrifying side-effects begin to rear their ugly head.

Writer-director Scott Frank is also attached to Breed in a producing capacity, as the intriguing horror pic marks the first to release under his partnership with 20th Century Fox.

“Breed was the first piece of material I acquired and was a complete no-brainer – falling right into the sweet spot of the work that I’m trying to do in my partnership with Fox,” Frank says. “The fact that I also get to collaborate with the talented likes of Phil, Matt, and Karyn only makes an already exciting project even sweeter.”

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