Freddy Krueger’s Iconic Razor Glove Will Go Up For Auction In A Multi-Million Prop Sale


If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on a piece of authentic horror film memorabilia, you’ve got the once-in-a-lifetime chance. Next month, the Prop Store gears up for a three-day sale featuring iconic film and TV items, including one of the most iconic objects in horror cinema history.

The authentic razor glove worn by Freddy Kreuger in A Nightmare On Elm Street will be available for auction as part of a £5.5 million collection, or approximately $7.59 million USD. The glove is expected to go for £30,000 ($41.42 thousand USD).

You can’t walk into a store around spooky season or a place with collectibles at any time of year and not see an ode to the killer in some fashion. Kreuger kills his fans in their dreams, which is a terrifying thought, and he’s maniacal about it.

It makes sense that fans would want a piece of the horror film’s history at their fingertips—literally. Owning the prop is a great opportunity to bring that horror film’s scary fantasy into reality.

“People get hugely excited about going back and revisiting the film and having the artifacts next to them while they are watching it,” Stephen Lane, founder and chief executive of Prop Store, said to the Daily Mail.

One lucky A Nightmare On Elm Street fan now gets to bid for the ultimate piece of Kreuger memorabilia.

For fans not as into the horror genre, you’re still in luck. Next month, other memorabilia for sale include Russell Crowe’s infamous Gladiator helmet and a Star Wars X-wing fighter model, expected to fetch £50,000 and £300,000 pounds respectively—or approximately $69k and $414k USD. That’s quite the price to bring those movies into reality, one that just might be worth the cost for the biggest (and richest) film buffs around.