Friday The 13th’s Kane Hodder To Appear As Uber Jason At Monster-Mania 2020

Jason X

While the legal battles over the Friday the 13th franchise don’t look to be resolved anytime soon, fans of the horror series can still get their Jason fixes in other ways. We’ve recently seen news about a Friday the 13th beer made from the actual Camp Crystal Lake, while the appetite for the original movies has seen multiple marathons on AMC. Fans have also had the chance to catch up with Jason actor Kane Hodder at different convention photo ops, and next year they’ll be able to meet Uber Jason from Jason X at Monster-Mania 2020 in New Jersey.

Hodder will wear the metallic costume for meet and greets with fans at the 2020 event, meaning that folks can have their photo taken, get autographs and meet with the actor. This opportunity comes after Hodder appeared in his regular Jason X costume at this year’s Monster-Mania convention alongside Robert Englund’s Freddy Krueger.

Other guests at next year’s Monster-Mania, meanwhile, include Danny Trejo, Jackie Earle Haley, Brad and Fiona Dourif, Alex Vincent, Sean S. Cunningham and many more.

For those not in the know, Uber Jason is the result of a futuristic space station’s medical facility accidentally rebuilding Jason Voorhees as a cyborg. More powerful than ever before, this version of the killer proves to be almost unstoppable, but is seemingly destroyed by being blasted into a planet’s atmosphere. Although not strictly canon, various tie-in novels and comics have also used the cybernetic Jason as the chief villain, including a battle against the original knife-wielding character.

From the line-up so far, Monster-Mania looks to have brought together a great collection of horror talent for fans of Friday the 13thChild’s Play, A Nightmare on Elm Street and other movie series. And anyone wanting a photo with Hodder’s Uber Jason can do so at the March 14th, 2020 event in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.