Frozen 3 Will Reportedly Bring Back [SPOILERS]


It’s only been a few months since Frozen 2 premiered late last year, but since it proved to be a success like the first one, Disney is already busy developing the threequel, and it looks like some of the characters who seemingly perished in previous installments will make a comeback in Frozen 3.

In many regards, the second movie didn’t do much to revolutionize Frozen in terms of narrative and form, but ended up earning $1.450 billion at the global box office to become the second highest-grossing animated movie of all time. Now that Anna is the queen of Arendelle and Elsa the protector of the Enchanted Forest, it seems that their story has finally come to a happy and definitive closure.

But what would the Mouse House do if not continue a successful and well-respected franchise? In fact, despite directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee practicing reluctance in sharing information about the third installment, we’ve got word that the studio is already coming up with the story of the next chapter, where supposedly, the former king and queen of Arendelle will make a comeback.

That’s right, folks. According to sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones who told us Han was returning to Fast & Furious, Disney is developing a live-action Robin Hood and a Beauty and the Beast spinoff for Gaston is in the works, all of which have since been confirmed – the Mouse House intends to bring back Anna and Elsa’s parents. We still don’t know how they wish to have Queen Iduna and King Agnarr return, but it seems that they somehow survived the storm in the first movie.

This will certainly serve as an interesting development for the plot. We’re even willing to go out on a limb and say that the main focus will be for Anna and Elsa to find or perhaps rescue their parents after learning that they’re alive.

Additionally, reports suggest that Disney will finally give Elsa a love interest in Frozen 3, so it looks like the producers have a lot in store to show fans and they’ll be making the threequel a worthwhile affair.