First Full Photo Of Child’s Play Remake’s New Chucky Leaks Online

Cult of Chucky

UPDATE: The studio has informed us that this photo isn’t genuine.

Back in September, Orion Pictures released a partially obscured image of the new Chucky from the upcoming Child’s Play reboot, but in the months since, the studio has yet to offer a full look at the next rendition of the killer doll, with the murderer’s face even being concealed in last week’s trailer.

With an alleged leak, however, we just might have our first clear image of the freckle-faced villain. The pic was shared by the Movies On The Way Twitter account, who seem uncertain if the photo is legit. But while only time will tell if this face reveal is genuine, it certainly seems in line with the official photo we saw last year, to the point that if this is just a work of fakery, the real thing probably won’t look all that different.

In any case, based on the material we’ve seen so far, the new Chucky’s appearance won’t exactly be a drastic departure from the old Chucky’s design, though its reported roots as an evil A.I. mark a notable change of pace from the voodoo backstory of Brad Dourif’s take on the character.

Speaking of which, we’ve yet to find out who’s next to voice this mischievous little killer, though whoever the studio finds for the job will face an uphill battle earning the acceptance of longtime fans, many of whom are currently feeling pretty hostile towards the reboot. Still, it must be said that the movie has already done well with the cast it’s assembled, bringing in such notable names as Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry. We’ll find out if the new line-up can win over skeptics when Child’s Play hits theaters on June 21st, 2019.