Fun Logan Video Presents A Very Different, More Musical Ending To Wolverine’s Saga


Now that the dust has ostensibly settled from Wolverine’s last stand, and fans the world over have lapped up the furious finale to Hugh Jackman’s saga in iconic adamantium claws, the folks over at How It Should Have Ended have trained their sights on Logan.

James Mangold’s ruddy excellent and R-rated western effectively delivered on those lofty expectations early last month, wrapping up Wolverine’s saga in a way that was both bittersweet and, ultimately, deeply satisfying to those viewers who have followed Hugh Jackman’s X-Men saga for the past 17 years. Much of that can be attributed to both Patrick Stewart and newcomer Dafne Keen, who turned in show-stopping performances as Charles Xavier and the tenacious Laura/X-23, respectively.

After spending much of Logan on the run from nefarious forces (read: Transigen and those dastardly Reavers), Wolverine’s harrowing journey takes him to North Dakota, where Laura hopes to stumble upon a fabled sanctuary known as Eden. How It Should Have Ended takes that arc and adds a neat little twist, and up above you’ll see the moment Logan transcends the line to become a full-blown musical, evoking memories of Jackman’s performance in Les Misérables.

It’s a bright and breezy video for those of you who’ve already clocked eyes on James Mangold’s critically-adorned thriller, which currently leads the MTV Movie & TV Awards nominations alongside Jordan Peele’s blistering directorial debut, Get Out. Other properties in the mix include Game of Thrones and Donald Glover’s passion project, Atlanta.

Logan clawed its way into theaters on March 3rd and his since collected a staggering $600 million worldwide – not bad for an R-rated movie that was labeled as a creative risk early on in development.