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Out Of The Furnace Adds Willem Dafoe To Its Cast

Relativity Media's upcoming thriller Out of the Furnace already has quite the ensemble and just when you thought the cast couldn't get better, they've landed one more star - Willem Dafoe.

Relativity Media‘s upcoming thriller Out of the Furnace already has quite the ensemble and just when you thought the cast couldn’t get better, they’ve landed one more star – Willem Dafoe.

The actor will join a star studded cast that includes Christian Bale, Casey Affleck, Zoe Saldana, Sam ShepardWoody Harrelson and Forest Whitaker.

Filming for Out of the Furnace is set to begin on April 13 in Braddock, Pennsylvania. Scott Cooper wrote the screenplay and will also direct.

In the film, Bale and Affleck will star as a pair of brothers whose lives take a nefarious turn – one ends up in jail and the other joins the ranks of the criminal underground. As for Dafoe, he’ll play a bookie who Affleck’s character finds himself in debt to.

Dafoe is a proven talent who tends to knock his roles out of the park. With his addition to the already more than impressive cast, Out of the Furnace is shaping up to be a potential hit for the studio. It may even start earning some Awards buzz, I don’t see why it wouldn’t with the talent that Relativity has brought on board.

It looks like the cast is pretty much filled out at this point but if anyone else comes on board we’ll let you know.

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