Back To The Future Fans Celebrate Anniversary Of Doc Brown Inventing Time Travel

Back to the Future Part II

November 5th is a historical day, but probably not for the reasons you’re thinking of. On this day in 1955, genius inventor Dr. Emmet Brown discovered the secret to time travel and changed the world forever. Or at least, he changed the world of sci-fi fans and 80s movie lovers forever. Yes, today is Back to the Future Day!

In the 1985 classic, Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown sets the date for his very first trip in his time-traveling DeLorean for November 5th, 1955, as it was such an important moment in his life. When Libyan terrorists storm his testing site, though, he’s apparently killed and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) takes off in his place. Arriving on November 5th 30 years (now 65 years) before, Marty has to convince the younger Doc to help him get the DeLorean up and running again.

Today is pretty much the most significant date in the Back to the Future universe, then, so fans have been celebrating it on social media. What with everything else happening in the world right now, you might have missed all the reactions going around, but here are just a few of the tweets honoring the occasion.

Great Scott! What artwork!

Yes, yes, we do.

It’s not all about V for Vendettayou know.

What the last guy said but, you know, ruder.

Today is the day.

Remember, remember!

There’s literally nothing else to do.

Back to the Future is pretty unique in Hollywood for being a beloved franchise that’s never been rebooted or relaunched. That’s because director Robert Zemeckis and writer Bob Gale have always done everything in their power to make sure another sequel or remake doesn’t get off the ground. Nevertheless, fans have still cooked up deepfakes of Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. starring in a new version. But why do we even need a reboot when we’re still talking about the original all these years later?