Back To The Future Fans Freaking Out Over Christopher Lloyd And Michael J. Fox Reunion

Back to the Future

Yesterday, Back to the Future stars Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox reunited for a very special cause – for the annual poker tournament that benefits the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Fans of the beloved sci-fi franchise always go wild whenever Marty McFly and Doc Brown meet up again, but this one was especially emotional as this July marks the 35th anniversary of the first film’s arrival in theaters back in 1985.

Ever since the two actors shared snaps of their reunion on their Instagram accounts, fans have been pouring their reactions onto social media. For some, it’s reminded them how much they love BttF.

There’s only really one or two things to say at a time like this…

They certainly are.

Looking good, guys!

I mean, we’re all going to marathon the entire Back to the Future trilogy this weekend, right?

Some got pretty philosophical about the whole thing.

This GIF sums up everyone’s reaction perfectly.

Back to the Future‘s been back in our thoughts a lot over the past month, ever since that deepfake video which inserted Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. into the roles of Marty and Doc with uncanny realism went viral. This has inspired fans to create trailers, posters and artwork imagining what it would be like if Hollywood remade the movie today. In fact, Holland has even said that he’s had discussions about starring in a new film in the past.

However, mostly everyone can agree that a Back to the Future remake is not something that should happen. Even Holland himself said he’d be reluctant to be involved in a reboot of the classic pic. Creators Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale have long maintained that they’ll do everything in their power to stop a remake from happening as well, so hopefully we should be safe for the time being.

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