The Future Of The SnyderVerse In Cinemas Reportedly Rests On Black Adam

Black Adam

The combined filmography of the DCEU has hauled in over $5.6 billion at the box office, but several projects have failed to pull in the sort of numbers that Warner Bros. were expecting, dating right back to the very first installment.

Man of Steel was by no means a flop after earning $668 million, but as one of the most expensive movies ever made with a budget of $258 million, internally it was viewed as a disappointment that Supes didn’t fly higher. The same goes for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which the boardroom was expecting to comfortably sail past a billion dollars. 99% of blockbusters would kill for a final tally of $873 million, but again, WB were said to be hoping for a much higher total.

Justice League, meanwhile, didn’t turn a single penny of profit and Birds of Prey flopped, but Shazam! performed very well given its relatively low production costs, Suicide Squad was a massive success despite poor reviews, and Wonder Woman and Aquaman can’t be viewed as anything other than monster hits. The point is, the SnyderVerse mythology has never been a slam dunk commercially, but tipster Mikey Sutton now reports that its very future depends on Black Adam.

As per Sutton’s information, should Dwayne Johnson’s superhero debut deliver at the box office, then the SnyderVerse could potentially continue on the big screen. Looking at the multitude of rumors making the rounds, the consensus appears to be that there’s a tug of war going on behind the scenes between Warner Bros. and HBO Max to continue the timeline. And should Black Adam crack a billion dollars next summer, then the SnyderVerse will suddenly become a viable theatrical revenue stream once again, creating even more question marks over the future of DC Films’ output as a whole.