Gal Gadot Has Nothing But Praise For Ben Affleck’s Batman


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may have been a colossal disappointment on just about every level, but if there’s one thing about Zack Snyder’s film that was praised almost unanimously, it was Ben Affleck’s performance as the Caped Crusader. Presenting to us a dark, older and world-weary version of Batman, the actor struck a chord with fans around the world and as such, everyone’s now eagerly anticipating seeing more of him in both Justice League and the character’s solo outing – which looks like it may be delayed, unfortunately.

It seems that fans aren’t the only ones taken with Big Ben’s work though, as his co-stars were equally impressed. In a recent interview with Sky Cinema UK and IRL, Gal Gadot had nothing but praise for Affleck and his portrayal of Batman, noting that his take on the iconic hero might just be her favorite one out there.

“I think that Ben is such a good actor. Very, very talented. I think the interpretation that they gave Batman in this movie they wanted him to be more weary, more tired of life, more cynical, more dark. I think that Ben captured it in such a sophisticated way. He’s one of my favorite Batmans, for sure – if not the best one.”

We certainly agree with Gadot’s comments here, and while he may not be the best Batman just yet, the actor’s certainly well on his way to claiming that title. We’re not sure exactly what Snyder has planned for him in Justice League or even what Affleck’s own effort behind the camera will bring, but it’s clear that the studio intends on exploring this intriguing new version of Bruce Wayne even further and that can only be a good thing.

Tell us, have you been pleased Ben Affleck’s Batman so far? If so, what else are you hoping to see the studio do with the character as they move forward? Sound off in the usual place and let us know!

Source: Sky Cinema