Gal Gadot Reportedly Still Trying To Keep A Low Profile After Twitter Controversy

Gal Gadot

Back in May Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot waded into the Gaza crisis with a Twitter post that saw her dubbed a war propagandist, an apologist for genocide, and a supporter of apartheid. Gadot, a former IDF soldier, said the “cycle has been going on long enough” and that “Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation” before offering up thoughts and prayers for the victims of the conflict. This drew global condemnation, caused #CancelGalGadot to trend and now we’re seeing reports that she’s still minimizing her online activity as a result.

The story comes via prolific leaker Daniel Richtman, who’s never short a story about the personal thoughts of all manner of celebrities. He’s reporting that Gadot is consciously laying low on social media until people stop talking about her post about Israel.

At first glance this makes sense as one of the smartest things you can do if you’re caught up in an online controversy is simply to say nothing and let the fire burn out. However, a check of Gadot’s social media accounts shows that she’s been posting as much recently as she’s ever been. On June 25th she even posted about “her beloved Tel Aviv”, which seems like an odd thing to do if you want people to stop associating you with Israel.

But there’s a much more obvious reason why Gadot might not be posting much for the foreseeable future: she gave birth to her third child on Tuesday. She marked this by posting an image of “her sweet family” on her social media accounts and will presumably be wrapped up in baby stuff for a while.

Even so, Gadot will likely be getting back into that Amazonian armor sooner rather than later, as Wonder Woman 3 is being fast-tracked through production. But, for now, I hope she and her family get some time together to welcome the new arrival.

In the meantime, Gal Gadot is set to appear in Red Notice alongside Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds later this year on Netflix. There’s no word on a release date, but it can’t be too far away.