Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Reportedly Being Eyed For The Flash


Just when things had started looking up for The Flash after spending half a decade stuck in development hell, the domino effect caused by the Coronavirus has seen the Scarlet Speedster’s solo debut pushed back once again. Dune was pulled from this year’s release schedule and sent to the date initially marked for The Batman, causing Matt Reeves’ reboot to head to March 2022, while The Flash will now arrive in November.

That’s eight years and one month after the project was first announced, meaning that star Ezra Miller will have been a part of the DCEU for close to ten years without being given anything to do other than show up for brief cameos and dish out some quips in Justice League. Not that he was shaping up to be the focal point of the movie anyway, with Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck both stealing the headlines after signing on to play alternate versions of Batman.

Now, the latest report could see Miller shunted even further into the background should it end up panning out, as Warner Bros. is said to be eying Gal Gadot to show up for a cameo, something we’d heard from our own sources was a possibility. Of course, Diana Prince is also still waiting for her next movie to arrive, as Wonder Woman 1984 was recently delayed to Christmas Day, and might even head straight to streaming.

If The Flash keeps adding cast members that are a lot more famous and recognizable than the title hero, then it could ultimately end up harming the pic as a whole if the big names wind up taking too much of the spotlight. Either way, though, we likely won’t be hearing any concrete news for a while given the latest setback.