Gemma Chan Shares Heartwarming Eternals Cast Photo

Gemma Chan has shared a heartwarming Eternals cast photo. The Sersi star’s MCU journey has been stranger than most. After having played minor villain Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel, Chan got the unique chance to play a second, much more significant, role in the franchise in Chloe Zhao’s new movie. As Sersi, she’s effectively the protagonist of the film, with her character’s sense of heroism and compassion driving the story.

But obviously what fans most love about the film is the interactions between the Eternals family, and it looks like the gang gets along like a family off-screen as well. Chan took to social media this Friday to share a selfie showing her attending an IMAX screening of Eternals with co-stars Richard Madden (Ikaris) and Lauren Ridloff (Makkari).

If you open the full photo, you can see that behind the three stars is someone photo-bombing them in the background. Hilariously, the guy responsible owned up to it and apologized to Chan on Twitter.

This photo of the cast hanging out IRL is just the sort of content Marvel fans are loving right now as there is a lot of affection for the stars of the movie going around online. In fact, the fandom seems to be hugely positive about Eternals on the whole, which is in sharp contrast to its critical reception. In sharp contrast to every other MCU flick, Eternals has faced harsh reviews, currently sitting at a shockingly low 47% on Rotten Tomatoes. But to see how popular it is with audiences, you just have to look at its high RT user score — 80%.

Hopefully all the fan love will off-set its critical mauling, then, and Marvel Studios will press ahead with the franchise. A sequel has yet to be officially greenlit, but there are certainly ideas in place. As well as a lot of chatter about a spinoff or two. For the moment, though, you can show the movie your support by catching Eternals in theaters