Ghostbusters III Still Moving Forward Without Harold Ramis


After legendary writer, actor and director Harold Ramis passed away yesterday, many thought that his death would finally put an end to the Ghostbusters III debacle. Today, however, we’re hearing that the long-gestating third Ghostbusters film is still moving forward and will undergo yet another rewrite.

This film’s been in the works for over two decades now, and has gone through more starts, stops and rewrites than we can remember. As of right now, the plot revolves around the remaining Ghostbusters recruiting a new team of up-and-coming Columbia University physics students to restart the ghost-catching business. This will allow the original actors to return, or even have cameo roles, before handing the reigns of the franchise to a new generation, that would then continue on their own in future instalments.

According to THR, Ivan Reitman remains attached to helm the third film and will soon meet with Sony officials to discuss how best to move forward. Apparently, Ramis’ character Dr. Egon Spengler was only going to have a small cameo in the film, so it may be easy to write him out. Whether it’s right to make the film without him though is another story, and one that is sure to stir up quite the debate among fans.

We’re also curious about whether or not Ramis’ passing will have any effect on Bill Murray’s desire to sit this film out. Will it only confirm his problems with the movie, or will it give him a reason to return and somehow pay tribute to his fallen cast member?

Tell us, what do you think of Ghostbusters III moving forward? Do you think they should attempt to re-write the film (again), or should they give up and move on? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!