‘Ghostbusters’ reboot director congratulates ‘Afterlife’ team on box office success

The mere mention of Paul Feig’s name is enough to generate a reaction from any Ghostbusters fan, but the responses will probably lean much heavier in a negative direction if social media is any indication.

While some brave souls have gone public in their belief that the filmmaker’s 2016 reboot is superior to Jason Reitman’s Afterlife, they definitely seem to be in the minority. Feig’s effort proved to be one of the most polarizing, pilloried, contentious and divisive blockbusters of the modern era, with longtime supporters of the supernatural comedy series doing their best to completely ignore the fact that it even exists.

Feige is a classy dude, though, so he was quick to hop onto Twitter and praise Reitman and his team for Ghostbusters: Afterlife‘s opening weekend success, which has the movie on track to open above $40 million.

Ironically, critics seem to have preferred Feig’s version to Reitman’s, although the discrepancies between the Rotten Tomatoes scores and user ratings of 2016’s Ghostbusters and Afterlife would make it clear that the general public aren’t of the same opinion. Either way, it’s a gracious move on the Bridesmaid, The Heat and Spy director’s part to give credit where credit is due after his stab at the property backfired so spectacularly.