Gina Carano Was Reportedly Fired From Fast & Furious Because Universal Knew She’d Be Trouble

Gina Carano

Just when you thought the dust was beginning to settle over the dispute between Gina Carano and her former employers at Disney, an entirely new can of worms was opened when it was revealed that the Mouse House had pulled an episode of the Discovery Channel’s survival series Running Wild with Bear Grylls that featured the former Cara Dune as a guest star.

The discourse is clearly far from over, then, with Carano currently in the process of developing her own star vehicle having set up shop at The Daily Wire, which instantly makes it clear which demographic the mysterious project will be aiming to entice. For all intents and purposes, it could be a long time before the former MMA fighter secures another major role in a high profile movie or TV show, but insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that her personal and political opinions have been causing problems for close to a decade.

According to the tipster, Carano was fired from the Fast & Furious franchise because Universal knew back then that she could potentially cause some PR headaches. However, he also notes that a few of the new producers wanted her to return pretty recently, until the whole Disney fiasco, which is something he’s shared before.

gina carano fast furious 6

Of course, the actress was killed off in spectacular fashion when her traitorous DSS agent Riley Hicks was harpooned out of a gigantic aircraft in retaliation for betraying the team of heroes, but it sounds as though she still could’ve made a comeback had she not been dropped from The Mandalorian and effectively blacklisted in Hollywood shortly after.

All that being said, nobody really seemed to have a clue what Gina Carano‘s beliefs were until all of the social media controversy began stirring up last year, so there’s no way to gauge how accurate this information is. Her Fast & Furious co-stars were full of praise at the time, too, and it would be awfully prescient of the studio to distance themselves from her eight years before she ignited the first of many online firestorms.