Gina Carano Reportedly Still Getting Shut Out Of Major Hollywood Studios

Gina Carano

Gina Carano may have played a major role on the most popular TV show on the planet, but it would be a stretch to call the former MMA fighter a big star. The actress has certainly appeared in a few high profile projects including her breakout feature film role in Steven Soderbergh’s star-studded action thriller Haywire and blockbuster sequel Fast and Furious 6, but the majority of her efforts have been the exclusive property of the VOD realm.

Cara Dune was the role of a lifetime, though repeated social media controversies saw Carano booted out of the door by Disney, and the company are now so keen to wash their hands of her that her guest spot on the upcoming season of Running Wild with Bear Grills has been pulled from the Discovery Channel schedule.

The 38 year-old moved quickly to set up her next project, which sees her developing, producing and starring in a mystery movie in the works from at The Daily Wire, but getting straight into bed with a well-known conservative media company is almost certain to alienate her chances of finding work in Hollywood when the business tries not to make its political baggage too public.

Indeed, insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that Gina Carano is trying to talk to major Hollywood studios about finding work but according to the tipster, things haven’t been going so great and she’s being shut out. Having already been blackballed by Disney, that only leaves Universal, Warner Bros., Sony and Paramount when we’re talking about the big guns, and it would probably be safe to assume that she won’t be securing any substantial parts until the dust blows over from her Mandalorian dismissal.